Anshul Pandey plays portrait photographer in OTT mystery thriller series 'Flash’

April 6, 2024

Mumbai, April 6 (IANS) Actor Anshul Pandey, who is known for ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hain’ and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, plays the role of a portrait photographer in the streaming show ‘Flash’.

The actor said that there are different dimensions to his character in the series.

The show, directed by Shaurya Singh, follows the story of Vansh Kundra, a skilled portrait photographer, who embarks on a journey with the mysterious Aksha Chauhan. Enticed by the promise of wealth, Vansh ventures into her lavish but secluded penthouse but he is greeted by an unsettling atmosphere.

As the session progresses, Aksha undergoes a startling transformation, shattering Vansh’s perception of reality. Delving deeper, Vansh realises he’s entered a tangled web of deceit, mystery, and secrets. Caught in a maze of illusions and deception, Vansh must decipher the truth behind Aksha’s identity and the sinister forces at play.

Talking about the show, Anshul, who plays the titular role of Vansh, said: “When I first read the script for ‘Flash’, I was immediately hooked by my character, Vansh Kundra. I’ve usually played the ‘good guy’ on TV, but OTT has given me the chance to explore and experiment, and ‘Flash’ added yet another feather to my cap. Vansh is a complex character with many layers.”

He further mentioned, “He may seem one way on the outside, but there’s a lot more to him underneath. His innocent eyes and smiles hide a secret that will surprise viewers when it’s revealed. I was drawn to the chance to explore these different sides of Vansh, from his innocence to his discovery of the truth. I knew it would be a challenging yet rewarding role to take on. Saying yes to ‘Flash’ was an easy decision for me, and it was a thrilling ride from the get-go. I’m positive that viewers will enjoy this rollercoaster ride, and I’m eager to know their reactions.”

The series also stars Sagar Kapoor, and Khawahish in lead roles.

Actor Sagar Kapoor, who plays the role of Aditya, said: “As someone with a strong intuitive sense, I simply followed that instinctive feeling, knowing deep down that this project was one I couldn’t pass. My character, Aditya in ‘Flash’, undergoes an intense and intriguing journey in the series. I knew it would be a role that would push me and help me grow as an actor. The script is so well-crafted, and the story has so many unexpected twists and turns.”

Produced by Jagriti Rajpoot and Tanishq Raj under the banner of Rudrakshanam Films, the show is available to stream on Watcho.



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