Emily Blunt, Matt Damon call 'Oppenheimer' the 'biggest story of their lives'

July 13, 2023

Los Angeles, July 13 (IANS) Christopher Nolan’s upcoming biopic ‘Oppenheimer’ is touted to be one of 2023’s biggest projects. Actors Matt Damon and Emily Blunt who play the key roles of General Leslie Groves Jr, and Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer, have called the movie the biggest story of their lives.

Speaking to Collider, when asked what projects of Damon and Blunt would the two like for someone to watch who is completely unfamiliar with their work, Matt Damon said: “‘Oppenheimer’ really. It’s the biggest story of our lives, maybe in the history of the human species so far, told by a director who’s at the absolute top of his game, with one of the great screen performances at the center of it.”

“Chris always said to us when we were making it, ‘I need you guys in support.’ That’s the mission, basically, supporting Cillian (Murphy). This whole movie hinges on that performance. It’ll resonate emotionally if we’re with that character. It just ripped you into that world, and given what’s at stake, there’s not a more important story out there.” Emily Blunt also agreed with the statement.

Talking about being handed the script, Emily Blunt said: “I think I was probably nervous reading it at first, thinking, ‘Am I going to be behind physics and science? Am I going to be able to wrap my head around all of it?’ Then you realise, that is the backdrop.”

She continued: “That is not the full thrust of the script. That’s not what’s so pulsating about it. It was such an emotional script to read. It’s really about the trauma of living with a brain like that and the ramifications of what that brain brought to the world.”

She added: “The worst thing is when you read a script and you have to perform your love of it. There’s none of that with Chris. Nothing’s performative, ever, because what he creates is so extraordinary. You don’t have to perform it because it is.”

Blunt also spoke about her own experience watching the movie. She said: “I thought my bones were going to shatter. I felt this weight on my breastplate the whole way through it. You feel like you’re inside of it. I watched it with Robert (Downey Jr), and we were both really emotional watching it.”

Talking about the movie being made in IMAX 70, both the actors urged that audiences definitely watch the film in IMAX.

Matt said: “They invented black and white IMAX film for the movie,” while Blunt said: “Please go see it in IMAX. He sweat bullets to make it in IMAX, so go see it.”

The early previews have also called the movie a ‘horror film’ due to its realistic details towards recreating the nuclear explosion as well as showcasing the developments that happened during the course of the Manhattan Project and its aftermath in a very harrowing and somber tone.

‘Oppenheimer’ will hit theatres on July 21, 2023.



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