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Did Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel just slam Tablighi Jamaat?

An unverified Twitter account that identifies as @KillBillBride and introduces its owner as ‘Rangoli Chandel, Manager & spokesperson to the Actor, Filmmaker #KanganaRanaut, as well as ‘Mother Wife Entrepreneur, has come down heavily on Tablighi Jamaat, the missionary group that was accused a while back of spreading COVID-19 by not adhering to social distancing norms.

A tweet on the account, which carries Rangoli Chandel’s mugshot as Display Picture but no blue tick, goes: “India se kya ghar se bahar na nikle aaisa ban lagao in #TablighiJamaat walo par gutter ke keedo se bhi gande hai joh Police aur Doctor pe thukte hai joh unki madat kar rahe aur waise bhi agar ye na hote toh aj India main patients bhot bhot kum hote (why just India, ban #TablighiJamaat people in a way so that they cannot leave their homes.”

“They are worse than vermins in the gutter for they spit on policepersons and doctors who try to help them. As it is, if these guys were not around, the number of patients in India would be far less) so throw them out right away.”

The tweet was posted in response to a news tweet that the government has blacklisted 960 foreign-based Tablighi Jamaat members from travelling to India for 10 years.

Rangoli Chandel’s verified Twitter account was suspended in April.



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