Ed Sheeran plays music for felines at cat cafe in Japan

January 31, 2024
Ed Sheeran performed for a tough crowd in Japan.

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran performed for a tough crowd in Japan. The ‘Shape of You’ Hitmaker, 32, recently returned to the same cat cafe where he sang ‘Thinking Out Loud’ to a group of uninterested felines in 2014. The cats didn’t become fans over the 10 years Sheeran was away. In a video Sheeran posted to Instagram Tuesday, the musician appears with an acoustic guitar surrounded by several feasting felines, reports People magazine.

As soon as Sheeran attempts his first strum, most of the cats quickly scatter, forgetting their food to escape the music. “Trying to win over the same kitties that ran away from me in 2014, same results,” Sheeran playfully captioned the post.

The social media clip starts with Sheeran asking the collection of cats, “Who wants to hear a song?” After the cats respond by fleeing, Sheeran gives a slight pout. “It was not more successful than my last visit,” Sheeran said.

As per People, the video then cuts to footage of the singer’s 2014 visit to the cat cafe, which shows him performing to one annoyed-looking feline. The Instagram video ends in 2024 with close-ups of the cafe cats staring into the camera from afar, seemingly waiting for Sheeran to stop his music.

Not all felines are afraid of the Grammy winner, though. In December, Sheeran shared a photo of himself cuddling up to one of Taylor Swift’s three cats, Meredith Grey, as part of a social media photo dump. Sheeran captioned the post: “Dumpington #3.”

In the sweet snap, the ‘Shape of You’ singer, smiling and wearing a simple white tee, has his face cozied up to the kitty as the two lay on an ottoman.

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