Abhilash Thapliyal recollects humbling experience that he got during 'SK Sir Ki Class' shoot

February 17, 2023
Abhilash Thapliyal has got his own spin-off from the series and it's titled, 'SK Sir Ki Class'.

Actor Abhilash Thapliyal, who received unanimous appreciation for his work in the streaming series ‘TVF Aspirants’, has got his own spin-off from the series and it’s titled, ‘SK Sir Ki Class’.

The trailer of the series was unveiled on Friday and it shows Abhilash’s titular character preparing his student for the UPSC, as the latter in his mind has decided to not pursue the course.

Talking to IANS, Abhilash recollected his experience of shooting the series in the constricted lanes of Delhi.

He said, “We were hiding the fact that SK Sir Ki Class will be shot in Delhi’s old Rajendra Nagar because we knew as soon as people would come to know about this shoot in Delhi, we won’t be able to do it as it will be completely crowded.”

He then spoke about the sweet gesture from his fans during the course of shoot, “Despite all the arrangements and crowd control, hundreds of students came and they would shout ‘SK Sir, SK Sir’, they would keep on filming something or the other on their phones and we just requested them to not upload it somewhere, as we couldn’t reveal anything at that time. A lot of people wrote poetry for SK Sir, it was humbling. I still remember that our crew couldn’t get my car out of that shoot location once because it was completely packed by students who had come to meet us.”

“I hadn’t seen this kind of craze you know during the shoot so it was humbling. It was beautiful and I hope the efforts we have put in in making this show. We hope that people love it and accept it the way they accepted ‘TVF Aspirants'”, he concluded.

‘SK Sir Ki Class’ will be available to stream on YouTube from February 21.

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