Amit Sial says an actor needs to ‘totally respect’ the script

March 7, 2024
Amit Sial believes in maintaining the sanctity of the writers' written word

Actor Amit Sial, whose political drama streaming series ‘Maharani 3’ released on Thursday believes in maintaining the sanctity of the writers’ written word. Amit spoke regarding his show and opened up on the responsibilities of an actor in an ensemble, the effect of technology on the political landscape and his excellent track record in long-format content.

Talking about the objectives and responsibilities of an actor, Amit revealed: “An actor prepares and delivers according to the objectives that are set in the story for them. Essentially, these objectives are the means to achieve an end. Yes, this responsibility is massive.”

He further spoke about the value of a script for an actor, as he said: “An actor needs to be totally respectful towards the written word, the script. Sometimes, there are scripts where a lot of personal creative input is needed from the actor, the other times not so much and many times no creative input seems necessary.”

When asked how this played out for his character of Navin Kumar in the series, the actor said: “In the case of Navin Kumar, mostly, it was the latter. It was essentially the immaculately written text that paved the way towards achieving the ever-evolving ends, season to season. Along with, of course, the amazing directions given by Subhash bhai, the writers and director.”

Navin is one of the pillars of the narrative of ‘Maharani’. It’s the constant push and pull set in motion by Navin that makes the story so gripping. How does he define the relationship and dynamics between his character of Navin and Huma Qureshi’s character of Rani Bharati in ‘Maharani’?

He said: “For Navin Kumar, they all are just meant to achieve an end. In previous seasons it was how to get to the Chief Minister’s chair and now it is how to keep it.”

He also spoke about the implications of technology on the political landscape.

“Technology has affected all walks and parcels of life starting from the common man. Politics, like any other professional sphere also uses technology to attract their end consumers, the voter nothing more, nothing less,” he said.

While the actor has some great performances in films to his credit, his work in long-format content is cultivating new fans with each passing day. But Amit feels that his work is not impacted by the medium that he works in.

For him, it’s about the opportunities and he is pretty confident that if he gets the same opportunities in feature films, “the results will be the same.”

“It’s not about any format. It’s about opportunities. I received better opportunities in a long format to display what I have been able to display. If I get the same opportunity in a feature-length, results will be the same,” he said.

‘Maharani 3’ is available to stream on SonyLIV.

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