Sharmin Segal says ‘Its an outsider who never worked him’; Fans troll her, ‘Outsiders actually delivered note worthy performances’

May 25, 2024
Sharmin Segal once again facing trolling. This time she is trolling for being “rude” to Sanjeeda Shaikh.

Heeramandi star Sharmin Segal once again facing trolling. This time she is trolling for being “rude” to Sanjeeda Shaikh.

In a clip when journalist asks Sanjeeda whether she was intimidated by the idea of working with Bhansali, Sanjeeda replies, “He is just a perfectionist. He wants everything to look not mediocre because whatever he does is nothing less than excellence. He is somebody who is respected all around the world for his brilliant creative mind and incisive advocacy and honesty to the craft… He is somebody who is very expressive. If he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it. And if he likes it, he will validate your performance in front of everyone.”

While, Sharmin adds that perfectionist is “a very basic word” to describe Bhansali. “It’s the kind of a word that an outsider who has never worked with him, been on his set and seen the kind of director that he is will use. He adapts to change very well. He likes challenging himself with different things.” Sharmin’s statement hasn’t gone down well with netizens, who are calling her out for being “disrespectful” to Sanjeeda.

One user commented, “”Who has never worked with him, never seen what kind of director he is…” What? This is your 3rd project. You have no experience, no talent, nothing. You are the one who’s least likely to accurately define what kind of director he is.

The ego she has to not only cut off Sanjeeda (when she was directly asked that question by name) but to also insult her? someone who has almost 2 decades of experience over her.”

A second user say, “Perfectionist is a basic word? It is used for Aamir for soo many years which definitely is an adds to his persona in a good way How can she give a lecture over a perfectionist word? Idiot. Her tone is very rude and I hate people who look down on others. Maybe she’s trying to make her place in his next project as well.”

Another user wote” What a rude person she is??!! Only an outsider would use the word perfectionist to describe SLB??…how entitled is she??? jeeezzzz…She should have been called out then and there.

First off…she cant act and now she is implying outsiders are basic??? so infuriating How did Sanjeeda sit through that…I would have lost it…Arrogant piece of a**!!”.

Why is Sharmin so obnoxious and disrespectful towards others? Sanjeena clearly got uncomfortable but handled it well
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