Ajay Singh Chaudhary: Let’s not judge the whole show based on one scene

May 17, 2022

Recently a clip from popular show ‘Swaran Ghar’ is making the rounds of the Internet, for all the wrong reasons. The clip shows Ajay Singh Chaudhary’s character Ajeet Lamba rescuing Sangita Ghosh’s Swaran after her dupatta gets stuck in a stand fan.

As the knot gets tighter and strangles her, a crowd gathers to save her but no one steps forward to free her by turning her to the other side. Instead of turning her around or loosening the cloth, Ajeet tears the dupatta with his teeth.

Fans have made mockery of the entire scene on social media. Actor Ajay Singh Chaudhary who plays Ajeet shares his take on the entire viral video.

The actor who was seen in the TV series ‘Love Story’ says: “I am grateful to be a part of this show and I am proud of it. The video that has gone viral, I would say that as actors we do our job and a lot of times we just follow the instructions of the director, the creative team and the channel.”

“Since we are the face, people will see us and react accordingly. There are so many scenes where we have received positive messages about a scene. Coming back to doing this scene I remember we have asked questions, but debating and delaying the shoot is not possible every time because we have to make sure that it is telecast on time and the show must keep running,” he adds.

He requested the fans not to judge the entire show just on the basis of one scene.

“Because in daily soaps time is a main constraint. I would only request that let’s not judge the whole show based on one scene. This show is great and we are getting some good reactions from all over the world. Few of my friends texted and some were laughing too. I have accepted all the criticism with a smile on my face. If it’s done and telecast, we can’t do anything about this.”

Since the time the show came on air Ajay’s character has been getting a lot of good feedback from the audience.

Speaking about that he says: “I am happy as I am getting so much of love from people unconditionally but they are still giving so much of love to my character. Gratitude is everything that I would say. Also a character like Ajit hasn’t been explored on television yet. The people who I know from the television fraternity also feel the same.”

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