How to take perfect Holi shots with a mobile phone

March 6, 2023
As the nation gears up to celebrate the festival of colours, ace photographers revealed how the next-generation features can get you breathtaking Holi results with great details.

As the nation gears up to celebrate the festival of colours, ace photographers on Monday said that the next-generation of features in iPhone 14 Pro series can get you breathtaking Holi results with great details. Gursimran Basra, a famous travel photographer, informed that she had a wonderful time shooting Holi festival with iPhone 14 Pro Max.

“The camera features are incredible and I was stoked to see the results myself. The Dynamic Range of the camera enabled it to capture true cinematic shots keeping intact the true depth and details,” said Basra.

According to her, iPhone 14 Pro Max’s inbuilt Photographic Style feature is a blessing in disguise.

“I customised the pre-built styles acknowledging the Holi conditions and shot at the go yielding beautiful results. There are 4 such styles and one can adjust the tones accordingly,” the photographer informed.

Portrait mode of iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with 3x capability.

“It truly enabled me to capture distant detailed shots with ease of not going too close to the subjects. I stood at one place and captured my desired frame by toggling between 1x, 2x and 3x zoom. Happened to capture some beautiful colourful portraits depicting the true vibe of Holi festival,” Basra said.

Mumbai-based photographer Apeksha Makar said that the stabilisation and sensor shift on the primary lens helped in capturing the movement between people celebrating.

“If you want to maximise the quality, turn ProRaw on, this not only lets you use the 48MP camera of the iPhone 14 Pro but also gives you full control later on edit to tone your images as per your palette,” said Makar.

“Ultra wide adds a unique perspective not just helping you capture the entire scene but also adding quirk in your portrait shots. Go close on this lens and explore macro, and see the finer textures of the colours and food,” Makar added.

Use the cinematic mode to create a story between your subjects and capture the fine colours, or explore action mode to get stabilised smooth shots capturing the chaos and bursts of emotions, said the photographer.

“Check for your camera settings before shooting to get the best and highest resolution. Most importantly celebrate the joy and colours, and trust your iPhone to do the magic,” said Makar.

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