Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Smooth, user-friendly with good battery life

September 19, 2023
Samsung has launched the next generation of Galaxy Watch, which is now available with unique health offerings and powerful performance in a sleek design.

New Delhi, Sep 19 (IANS) Samsung has launched the next generation of Galaxy Watch for smartwatch lovers in India. The Galaxy Watch 6 is now available with unique health offerings and powerful performance in a sleek design. The Galaxy Watch 6 boasts a slimmer bezel, a larger and more vibrant display, and a more interactive user interface.

We used the 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 with a silver strap for a week to track everything from workouts to sleep. Let us dig deeper to know about the device in detail.

In terms of design and display, the Galaxy Watch 6 does not disappoint. While Samsung might not have made major changes to the design of the Galaxy Watch 6 from last year’s Galaxy Watch 5 — there really is nothing to complain about it either. The smartwatch works well and is also comfortable to wear. Even with the 44mm size, the watch doesn’t feel bulky or heavy on wrists.

The top is crafted with sapphire crystal glass, providing exceptional scratch and impact resistance. It boasts a waterproof capability of up to 50 meters, along with dust resistance, and is engineered to meet military-grade standards for shock and impact resistance.

Furthermore, Samsung this time introduced a new mechanism for removing and attaching watch bands and straps. Instead of a complex catch, it has a single rectangular button that is easy to click and releases the strap.

The Galaxy Watch 6 uses a Super AMOLED display. The 44mm model sports a 1.5-inch 480 x 480 screen. The difference between the Watch 5 and the Watch 6 is only 0.1-inch, but it makes a huge impact when it comes to a small display. You can scroll around the smartwatch’s bezels, which is always cool.

The larger display not only improves readability but also enhances user interaction. It is crisp and clear, and easy to view in any lighting condition, including bright daylight.

The Galaxy Watch 6 comes with a plethora of amazing health features.

Samsung employs an activity-tracking user interface that is similar to Apple’s. Three rings which count your steps, active time, and calories close up every day — which is both fun and easy to use.

We tested out all the health features of the Watch 6 and found that the brand has put in a lot of effort to ensure accuracy. The watch comes with a temperature sensor that measures your skin temperature while you sleep, as well as includes features for tracking your step count, blood oxygen levels and more. Overall, we were impressed with the performance and accuracy of the watch’s health features.

In terms of performance, the Watch 6 is reliable without any lags or jitters. It is powered by an Exynos W930 dual-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz and comes with Wear OS 4.0 and has Samsung’s One UI 5.0 added on top.

We found no issues with the general UI experience of the Watch 6. Everything works as expected, whether it’s the notifications or the vibration motor. Receiving and making phone calls on the Watch 6 is also very smooth.

Users can also pair their Galaxy devices with the smartwatch to get a preview of their camera and other features.

The battery life on the Galaxy Watch 6 is excellent for a device with so many capabilities. When set to battery saver mode and disconnected from the smartphone, it lasted for around two days — a standout performance we found in terms of battery life.

The charging experience is also pleasant. It also supports reverse charging, which means you can charge the watch from your phone if it has a reverse charging option.

The 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 is priced at Rs 36,999 and is now available to buy from online and offline stores with available offers.

Conclusion: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a great smartwatch for Android users presently available in the market. Its extensive health features and simple design make it an easy pick. If you are looking for a smooth, user-friendly smartwatch with a good battery life, then this smartwatch could be a great fit for you.

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