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Adam Webb’s astounding rise in the trading industry gains him massive headlines

There are tons of talented people working across different fields and sectors of the world. However, do all of them go ahead in becoming inspiring success stories to the world? Well, maybe a few, those few rare gems. They become such inspiring stories because of the choices they make in their respective journeys and the decisions they make to get ahead on their paths to eventually become the best versions in their careers and lives. Adam Webb is all about this and much more and has shown his A-game as an options trader in the ever-so-growing and evolving trading industry.

Adam Webb says that starting his journey in the mid-90s was a huge risk for him as he hardly had the right kind of exposure then working on the London FX spot desk at Goldman Sachs and first beginning his career with a tiny Bund arbitrage trader on LIFFE. He had to face many hurdles on his path to turn into a professional trader and taste his definition of success. But, since he was destined to be a part of the industry, opportunities knocked on his door, and he made the most of them to reach where he is today, becoming a successful options trader and running his successful boutique market making business focused entirely on exchange-listed options products since 2004.

He talks about trade strategies, where he says that trading single options in size is rare as it is where retail traders’ trade. Adam Webb believes that mass quoting single options has provided market makers with great income-earning opportunities as they are quoting against the retail order flow and hence find trading strategies better than the outright options. Adam Webb says that working through so many years, he has acquired the right knowledge and insights to bring about revolutions as an options trader and a trading professional.

He wants budding talents in the industry to keep honing their skills and keep adding on to their knowledge to get to the next level of success, just like he did.

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