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Brinda Shah gets candid about her journey, fashion preferences, and collaborations

To be a content creator is one thing. To make an impact as a trailblazing entrepreneur? Another feat altogether. But, for Brinda Shah, pursuing her passions is a way of life – something that she is in arguably good at. An MBA by profession, Brinda felt a strong pull towards fashion, styling, and travel since her teenage years. “Blogging, social media influencing and content creation were not my main objective. Only after I started my blog and Instagram account I realized I wanted my creative outlet where I could share my love for fashion and styling, says Brinda Shah.”

We catch up with the influencer and got talking about her journey, fashion preferences, and upcoming projects.

You have accomplished an unspoken patent over effortless women’s fashion content in India. How has your style evolved?
My style has changed over the years and I prefer to be able to take something from day to night. My wardrobe consists of classic, feminine silhouettes that have versatility and longevity. Feeling comfortable and assured in what I’m wearing is the most important part.

How do you balance or bring out your aesthetic while working with brands?
I usually work with brands that have a similar ethos to my style and however I am not afraid to experiment or try something challenging if it comes along. For me, it’s a personal challenge to my creativity to see how I could style something and curate value-added content. Also, I include organic content on my page, through several series – such as style hacks, Instagram growth hacks, and useful tips too which are a selection of fun + useful videos.

What’s one assumption about fashion influencers you wish you could change?
The general public assumes that being an influencer is an easy and glamorous job because of the free outfits, brand packages, or invites to events that they see we participate in and attend. They aren’t aware of how much time and effort is going into capturing photos and videos to upload quality and creative content. The competition is quite high and the demands of brands and audience keep changing with the social media trends coming along. It’s a constant learning process and I research, conceptualize and edit all my videos. It is a full-time job with no fixed working hours.

Your top 5 wardrobe essentials
My must haves has to be a basic white/black tee, a white shirt, a structured blazer, a well-fitted pair of jeans, and a comfortable pair of shoes. They can be saviours when you want them to be.

Can you please tell us about your upcoming projects?
There are a few upcoming projects in the pipeline related to travel. Nothing I can reveal too much about at the moment, but once I can talk about them I will share more details.

What is a trend that you love right now and name one that you will never try?
I love quality and timeless pieces, tailored elegant outfits that can span for a long time, not just weeks. I usually gravitate towards classic and minimalistic fashion styles and wouldn’t opt for skin-tight and excessively baggy items as they go in and out of style quickly.

What has been the best part of your blogging journey so far?
I am incredibly grateful that my biggest supporters have been my best friends and strangers on social media. I have interacted with so many people who are strangers, but their love and affection have only pushed me to grow and be the best version of myself and that has been the greatest part of my journey so far.

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