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Chef Rupal Parab has made a mark even in the beauty and fashion industry

Chef Rupal Parab's deep-seated love for food and the culinary arts has led him to become an admired chef in the Indian subcontinent and overseas

While many people can’t figure out how to use their talent to build something outstanding, a handful of individuals ace their multiple skills. Meet Bhiva Rajan Parab, better known as chef Rupal Parab. His deep-seated love for food and the culinary arts has led him to become an admired chef in the Indian subcontinent and overseas, bringing with him a plethora of accolades and awards that have sustained his journey so far.

But wait, his culinary skill is just the tip of the iceberg, and his prowess goes beyond that. He has made his name in multiple fields. Did you know that this young man is a huge fashion enthusiast? You didn’t!

He is a jack of all trades. His list of achievements is not complete without the impression that he has left on the glamour world. Chef Rupal Parab was a runner-up in the Droom Aura Mr. India competition and went on to win the Droom Aura Mr. Goa title. Isn’t that astonishing? But that is true! After all, the charm and charisma he has in his personality make him the perfect name for the title!

Speaking of which, Rupal Parab says, “I have always liked the world of glitz and glamour. Moreover, who doesn’t want to be a fashion freak? Winning this coveted title was truly inexpressible; however, I am indebted that I did.”

He has also made a few fashion transition reels on Instagram, which have captivated many netizens. The young boy is full of talent and enthusiasm! His infectious spirit has inspired many.

Rupal Parab is just 21 years old, and his work in the culinary world has earned him millions of lauds. He is a trailblazer in the kitchen, and his dishes are rich in flavour, spices, and colour. Even his cooking techniques and presentation skills are nonpareil. He is now aiming to start a cooking show where he will reveal more about the skills he has acquired in his culinary journey.

From getting on the list of Asia’s top 20 chefs by a prominent New York press agency to making it to the Top Most 500 Influential People around the globe, he has set a benchmark. Rupal Parab is currently working at GKM Hospitality in New Zealand and is also looking to be a part of cooking shows. We wish him good luck in his future endeavor and hope that he never stops following his passion, whether it is cooking or fashion.

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