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DJ Maskbox: the next mega DJ

DJ MaskBox, a trained musician who, through his business ventures, is starting the music revolution – a computer science engineer, an entrepreneur, and a musician with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and a Master’s degree in International Business Management from London with Distinction.

As a DJ, MaskBox is known for his innovative headgear with lights that react to music and his charismatic stage presence. He has a talent for reading the crowd and adjusting his music to fit the mood, making each of his performances a unique and unforgettable experience.

DJ MaskBox’s set consists of a mix of Commercial genres such as Bollywood, Hip Hop, and EDM, but he also enjoys playing House, Deep, and Tech House. He is always looking for new ways to experiment and captivate his audience, which is why he and his team are working rigorously on releasing more mashups and his first album with GenRock Records this year.

Aside from his musical journey, DJ MaskBox speaks frequently about mental health and wellness. He often shares his personal journey and experiences with his fans and encourages others to prioritize their mental health and to seek help if they are struggling. In addition to his musical pursuits, DJ MaskBox is also the founder and director of a music start-up and works as an investor partner in the hospitality industry.

DJ MaskBox’s dream for life is to take the Indian DJ scene to the next level. As an open-format DJ, he plays all genres of music, but his goal is to play “Kala Chasma” in the packed Wembley Arena in London. He dreams of playing Hindi Bollywood and Hindi Hip Hop in top music festivals in the UK and the USA as a headliner.

DJ MaskBox’s message to the public is to enjoy music and to keep exploring new music while supporting all artists, especially those who are trying to do something different. He may have faced challenges in his life, such as quitting his job at a big MNC in London to pursue his passion in music, but his hard work and determination have paid off. He continues to chase his dreams and accomplish his goals, making him an inspiration to all.

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