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Kids Yohan & Yosha Rajpurohit are acing child fashion

The fashion world has got everybody in its sights, even kids. The parents spend their time scrolling through outfit ideas so that their kids look stunning. And even these toddlers carry the outfit with great panache, don’t they? An exemplar of this are the twin star kids, Yohan & Yosha Rajpurohit. They are already all over social media for their adorable videos. We bet you might have already seen their reels on Instagram.

The twin kids usually post videos of their daily lives. But besides that, they are also loved for their amazing fashion sense. They posted a reel where Yohan, the boy, wore a yellow kurta with his iconic hair bun and Yosha wore a red lehenga whose top had intricate work. They looked extremely fashionable, didn’t they?

The duo attended a wedding recently and slayed the spree with outfits there too. For their ensembles, the baby boy wore a beige three-piece suit with blue-white shoes and his hair bun. Speaking of the baby girl, she wore a pink lehenga paired with pink shoes. Yohan and Yosha Rajpurohit looked completely stunning and stylish.

Needless to say, they are taking child fashion to new heights, and credit for the same goes to their parents. Not only do the kids ace traditional wear, but they also ace western fashion. The baby boy was once spotted wearing a cool yellow sweatshirt with navy blue shorts and white-blue shoes. And the baby girl, Yosha, wore an identical sweatshirt but in blue with grey shorts and pink shoes.

The entire internet is in awe of their cuteness and their fashion flair. Yohan and Yosha Rajpurohit are just 3 years old and have already amassed more than 73k followers on Instagram. Their followers keep their eyes peeled for new videos from them. We are sure that both kids will have brighter futures in the social media and entertainment worlds.

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