Shashwat Amrev uses content creation to educate and enlighten the Indian youth

September 20, 2022
Shashwat Amrev is a 19-year-old trader, author, and entrepreneur who is now focusing on content creation.

A name from the Indian internet community that has been in limelight lately is Shashwat Amrev. Shashwat Amrev is a 19-year-old trader, author, and entrepreneur who is now focusing on content creation. As a young streaming and trading, he built a substantial follower base by sharing his knowledge and insights. Then, he learnt all about trading through the internet. Despite not having proper access to the internet, he paved a path to becoming such a great content creator. His deep knowledge about trading and the stock market, along with his amazing style of sharing that knowledge, drew more and more people toward his content.

When he first came to know about the rising market of content creation, a range of creative and crazy ideas flashed through his mind. He knew that he could impact the lives of millions of Indians through those ideas of content creation, and he thus embarked on designing and posting informative and educational content that add to the knowledge of Indian youth’s stock market knowledge on his Instagram page Stock Market Edges. Shashwat Amrev also shares the latest financial news on the same Instagram page so as to keep his audience updated to the market. He imparts invaluable insights and knowledge through his content for free, educating and enlightening Indian youth.

Shashwat Amrev believes that every social media platform can be used as a tool to share knowledge and insights, and it has now become his mission to reach as many youngsters as possible and to impart them insights and knowledge related to trading and finance. Content creation is a vast domain, which includes YouTube videos, blogposts, images, etc. There does not exist a blueprint as to what is right and what is wrong when it comes to content creation.

Shashwat Amrev achieves the desired results because he understands his audience well and recognizes good content, and these are the two major reasons that he has emerged as one of the most successful content creators in India. Stock Market Edges has become one of the fastest communities of learners on the internet, and it has become possible only because of Shashwat Amrev’s strong and dedicated content team.

Even though he stands out as a content creator, he is not restricted to only content creation. He is also known for his books entitled “Learn Ethical Hacking” and “How to Earn Being 16.” These two books also contain valuable insights that Indian youngsters can implement in their lives and change their lives. He has worked hard on his mission to build an extensive community of learners on the internet, and he is dedicated to working even harder, because educating and enlightening Indian youth through content creation has now become his passion.

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