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Subodh R Singh’s journey as a movie marketing maestro

From Gwalior to Bollywood - Subodh R Singh's Journey as a movie marketing maestro

Subodh R Singh’s journey from Gwalior to becoming one of the marketing experts in Bollywood is nothing short of remarkable. Singh’s innovative ideas and creative marketing strategies have made him the go-to person for promoting all kinds of films, both big and small.

Singh has marketed some of the biggest hits in Bollywood, including Sand Ki Aankh, Aiyari, and Sehzada. For Sand Ki Aankh, he took the cast and crew to Ramleela Maidan for a promotional event. He has also organized successful promotional activities in Burj Khalifa, Dubai, and various other countries.

Singh’s success can be attributed to his approach to city promotion. He believes in designing events that are impressive and aligned with the theme of the film. This approach has proven successful, as evidenced by the box office collections of the films he has marketed.

Apart from his success in the film industry, Singh and his team have also played an important role in shaping the careers of domestic and international talent. Their client list includes production and distribution companies like Fox Searchlight Pictures Inc, Eros International, Reliance Entertainment, and industry players like PVR, INOX, Carnival cinemas, among others.

Subodh R Singh’s journey from Gwalior to becoming a marketing maestro in Bollywood is an inspiration to many. His innovative ideas and unique approach have revolutionized the way films are marketed in the industry.

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