The inspirational story Mani Ram Balwant Rai: Ruling the cosmetic market in Punjab

Mani Ram Balwant Rai has played an important role in helping the people of Punjab indulge in their favourite makeup and skincare brands.

Not very long ago, we had to wait for friends and relatives to come from abroad to get us our favourite cosmetics. Top brands weren’t available in India or were too expensive. The situation has changed significantly over the years. With several businesses involved with getting the top brands to our doorsteps, we no longer need to worry about sourcing our favourite lipsticks, creams, and a multitude of other products. One such business is Mani Ram Balwant Rai which has played an important role in helping the people of Punjab indulge in their favourite makeup and skincare brands.

Long before online shopping became mainstream, Mr Aman Batra popularized luxury cosmetics through their generational business Mani Ram Balwant Rai. While this was a road less travelled, he took it and achieved success. He attributes it to the business acumen that he inherited from his father and grandfather. Before venturing into the field of cosmetics, Mani Ram Balwant Rai was a Kirana business that Mr Mani Ram Batra started in 1947. In the beginning, it was just a way to make some income and create employment in a newly independent India. However, over time, the business grew, and Mr Mani Ram also trained his son Balwant Rai.

Equipped with the business ethics and potential of Mr Mani Ram and the structured approach of Mr Balwant Rai, the business thrived. Mr Balwant Rai got the business registered in 1972 with the name Mani Ram Balwant Rai. They have been a trusted brand in Punjab over the decades since its inception. It is a true story of converting traumas to triumphs. Mr Mani Ram who had to leave his home and comfort zone back in Lyllapur, Pakistan put the disappointments behind and made his own identity. The company also created employment for others.

Mr Aman Batra brought in a fresh and new-age approach to business and launched the first self-service store with wholesale pricing in North India. This was a great accomplishment for a home-grown brand at a time when multinationals were rapidly spreading across the country. They stepped into the field of cosmetics soon after. Now they have 3 stores and are targeting 10 stores across the country. Mani Ram Balwant Rai has been enjoying the early mover advantage of introducing luxury cosmetic brands to Punjab. The business deals in a multitude of brands including Hermes, Bvlgari, Jimmy Choo, Loreal, Inglot cosmetics, Versace, Real techniques, Swati cosmetics, LA girl, Milani Cosmetics, Unilever, Procter and Gamble, BPerfect cosmetics, Suva Beauty, etc.

This success story is a perfect lesson that efforts always get rewarded with success. We hope this generational business continues to achieve the success it deserves.

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