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Udit Parekh’s story of ascent to the top is a tale of the famous Gujarati growth mindset

Udit Parekh and Sheetal Vegda have climbed the career ladder together bears testimony to their commitment to success and collective talent.

The partnership has multiple forms, and it means different things to different people. Udit Parekh, a renowned professional from Gujarat, has proven from his success story that a stellar partnership can do wonders for growth and success. While others in the industry suggest romantic ties between Udit and his partner, Sheetal Vegda, he has refuted all such claims and said that it is a great partnership leading to great professional results. He describes the reason for success as the refusal to leave each other’s side through the challenges on the way to success. The way they have climbed the career ladder together bears testimony to their commitment to success and collective talent.

Udit’s media career started in the year 2014 when he started his journey as a copywriter for a TV channel. Over his career journey, he embarked on various professional paths and took up roles such as anchor, marketer, news editor, radio jockey, and others. Sheetal and Udit met during this journey when Sheetal also joined the same TV channel as an anchor. As a fresher in the space, Sheetal constantly struggled with various aspects, such as garnering support for field reporting and other responsibilities of the new role. This left her demotivated, but not for long. Udit soon joined her as a photographer and helped her progress in her career. This became the beautiful beginning of their friendship.

In the beginning, they both were in constant conflict with each other and this caused several disagreements and a lot of friction. However, this also helped them understand each other’s potential and expertise. As a streak of luck, they got a chance to feature in a couple photo shoot in 2017. Their successful partnership as brand ambassadors for a spectacle company helped them to recognize their potential as a team. This successful endeavour also paved the way for them to be brand ambassadors for other companies like Renault and Jungle restaurant.

One of the most notable opportunities in their careers came knocking in 2017 when they were selected as anchors for the biggest Navratri festival in Rajkot. This festival was a huge success and helped them grow financially.

In 2019, they got a job opportunity at a national TV channel and their TV show “Viral nu Vavazodu” became number one in the top TV channel industry in Gujarat. Simultaneously, they also started creating content for social media platforms and gained massive popularity on TikTok and Helo apps. This led to a job opportunity at ByteDance (TikTok) as Community Management Specialists, where they moved from the TV space to be a part of the fast-growing social media industry.

Despite the ups and downs of the pandemic and its aftermath in the form of layoffs and financial struggles, Udit and Sheetal always stood by each other. They eventually got a job opportunity at Sharechat App in September 2020 and have been working together ever since. Their trajectory of hope and happiness included two promotions and several other achievements on the professional front.

Udit and Sheetal’s partnership reinstates belief in the cliché that Gujaratis are born professionals and are unstoppable. Their talents are a great combination that has helped them carve a niche for themselves in a competitive field. We wish them luck in their journey and hope for unending success for both.

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