Amazon Luna lets users play Ubisoft PC games they own

San Francisco, Dec 7 (IANS) Amazon announced that it will now allow users to play Ubisoft games they own for PC through its Luna cloud gaming service.

In a blogpost, Amazon said players can even use Luna to play select PC games they have already bought from the Ubisoft Store like ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’, ‘Uno’ and ‘Far Cry 6’.

The games can be played on any device including on a Fire TV and tablets.

Users can link their Ubisoft account to Luna to play owned PC games and can also purchase new ones.

There is no need for lengthy downloads or expensive consoles.

“Luna will continue to offer the ability for Prime members to play a rotating selection of games from the Luna catalogue for free,” Amazon said.

Players just need to sync their Ubisoft account to their Luna account by visiting the Settings page in the Luna app.

Once connected, select owned Ubisoft PC games will appear in the Luna games Library, and will be available to play instantly across any device where Luna is available.



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