Android 14 may feature new settings for region-specific preferences

San Francisco, Feb 13 (IANS) Tech giant Google is reportedly working on new settings for its upcoming system software update ‘Android 14’, which will allow users to set all regional preferences, removing the need to hop into every application’s settings menu.

A hidden system settings page was found in the Android 14 DP1 named “Regional Preferences,” reports Android Police.

It is expected to allow users to set up system-wide preferences for temperature units, calendar format, the first day of the week and number system.

With the new settings enabled, applications won’t have to ask for or make assumptions about users’ preferences.

However, users might still have the option to use the application default, so that the regional preferences won’t primarily control the app settings, the report said.

Last month, it was reported that Android 14 will start blocking the installation of applications that target outdated versions of Android to help reduce the potential for malware.

Meanwhile, another report mentioned that Google’s upcoming system software update

will change the Android devices’ share sheet.



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