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Google brings new features to improve Chrome on Android

San Francisco, Feb 16 (IANS) Tech giant Google has announced that it has rolled out two new features–Partial Custom Tabs and Chrome Custom Tabs– that will bring the best of Chrome to Android developers and users.

To keep users engaged with the developer’s application, Chrome now provides developers more control over tab height with “Partial Custom Tabs,” the tech giant said in an Android Developers blogpost.

Developers can also customise the tab in pixels for a partial overlay, which will allow users to simultaneously interact with the native application and the web.

“Partial Custom Tabs are currently supported by a handful of browsers, including Chrome, and we look forward to additional browser support soon,” the company said.

Moreover, if users’ browser does not support Partial Custom Tabs, they will see the supported full-screen Custom Tab.

On the other hand, with the “Chrome Custom Tabs”, developers will give users a fast, safe and seamless way to experience the web.

“Users will know that when they open the web from your app, it will be arunning in Chrome’ so they can use their most loved Chrome features like saved passwords and autofill,” it added.



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