Google's 'Product Studio' to help merchants create product imagery using AI

San Francisco, May 24 (IANS) Google has introduced a new tool called ‘Product Studio’, which will help merchants easily create unique product imagery using generative AI.

The merchants will be able to create product imagery within Merchant Center Next, the company’s simplified platform for businesses to manage how their products show up on Google.

“Our new Product Studio, designed with Google’s AI Principles top of mind, brings the benefits of generative AI to businesses of all sizes, helping them easily create unique and tailored product imagery for free and get more value from the images they already have,” Google said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

Moreover, the company said that Product Studio allows merchants to create free product imagery and get more value from the images they already have.

Users can create new imagery without having to pay for new photoshoots.

With Photo Studio, businesses will also be able to quickly remove a complex background, plus, the tool can also be used to improve the quality of small or low-resolution images without having to reshoot a product.

Currently, merchants in the US can access Product Studio from Merchant Center Next, starting in the next few months. These features will also be available to merchants using Google & YouTube apps on Shopify, the company mentioned.

Google is also making it easier for merchants to access and understand their performance by bringing all insights reports into the Performance tab.

Merchants will now have a single location to review their best-selling products, what businesses appear next to theirs, and even how shoppers interact with their local businesses on Search and Maps.



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