Is smartphone design in trouble? Here's how realme's luxury watch-inspired designs are setting a new standard for creativity and functionality

January 16, 2024
For many people, the aesthetic appeal and colour scheme of their smartphones are now just as crucial as any in-built feature.

New Delhi, Jan 16 (IANS) For many people, the aesthetic appeal and colour scheme of their smartphones are now just as crucial as any in-built feature. In today’s world, superior design is not an added bonus, but a fundamental requirement.

Given that a smartphone typically remains with us for over a year, it’s fair to say that its design impacts not just its visual aesthetics, but also the way it feels to touch, the emotional reactions it triggers, and the bond we form with it over time.

realme wants just that for its users – to be able to build a personal relationship with their devices, no matter how long they own them for. However, as product designs are becoming increasingly similar, the question arises – how can we achieve breakthroughs in design innovation?

realme’s Design Studio reflects its commitment to superior design

For realme, a smartphone’s design and feel are equally important as its functionality, which is always reflected in any product they create, the company said.

The establishment of realme’s Design Studio was driven by the need for a team of innovative and forward-thinking individuals. This group is committed to advancing the brand’s design philosophy and is dedicated to investigating novel materials, experimenting with unique forms, and harnessing emerging technologies.

The realme Number Series embodies the brand’s premier lineup, demonstrating its dedication to providing advanced technology and inventive features at affordable prices.

With every new model in the Number Series, realme courageously delves into various design concepts and aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of innovation and offering users a dynamic and immersive visual experience.

Each iteration in the Number Series is the result of a collaboration with respected Master Designers. Master Design is the icon attached to its Number Series. For instance, the previous model, the realme 11 Pro Series 5G, featured a high-end vegan leather design, made possible through a collaboration with former Gucci designer Matteo Mennoto.

In addition to its leading-edge image technology, realme has joined forces with Ollivier Saveo, a globally recognised master of luxury watch design. Together, they have crafted an exclusive luxury watch design specifically for the realme 12 Pro Series 5G.

Ollivier Saveo, known for his work with top watch and jewellery brands and his skills were key in creating a stylish watch design that makes the realme 12 Pro Series 5G even more elegant. Drawing inspiration from classic luxury watches, realme and Ollivier Saveo embarked on a journey to deconstruct their design and craftsmanship.

This collaboration resulted in the incorporation of refined elements into the realme 12 Pro Series 5G design, redefining understated luxury. The realme 12 Pro series carries forward the refined elegance of the realme 11 Pro series, transitioning from a luxury bag aesthetic to a luxury watch-inspired design.

The focus is on precision dials, emulating the classic Polished Sunburst Dial and Golden Fluted Bezel found in high-end watches. The round lens module resembles a bespoke luxury timepiece. The texture’s central axis expands vertically, mirroring the forged strap of a watch, and flawlessly imitates the intricate and lavish feel of traditional watch craftsmanship.

The global unveiling of the realme 12 Pro Series 5G is scheduled for January 29. Beyond its impressive imaging and design capabilities, this device boasts top-tier specifications, with the periscope camera standing out as its most prominent feature.

Be sure not to miss the launch event for this first-of-its-kind smartphone!



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