MeitY's R-Day tableau to highlight AI integration for social empowerment

January 25, 2024
The Union Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) will be highlighting India leveraging Artificial Intelligence

New Delhi, Jan 25 (IANS) The Union Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) will be highlighting India leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare, logistics and education for social empowerment in its tableau for Republic Day this year.

The tableau will also be showcasing advances made by the country in electronics manufacturing.

MeitY in a statement on Wednesday said that AI is a kinetic enabler to leapfrog traditional development barriers and catalyze large-scale socio-economic transformation in India. AI is expected to add $967 billion to the Indian economy by 2035.

The tractor portion of MeitY’s tableau showcases a female robot, depicting AI, in a thinking posture, reflecting on the positive impact of AI on citizens around the world. The base of the tractor depicts an enhanced 3D scale model of a semiconductor chip which is required in almost every electronic item, said an official.

The circuit design on the sides with LED lights showcases the energy that AI carries to propel India towards development in various sectors. This also demonstrates the advances made by India in Electronics Manufacturing through schemes like PLI, he said.

The trailer portion of the tableau covers the application of AI in the fields of logistics, healthcare and education. The same has been showcased through appealing visual metaphors, the official added.

“The front portion portrays the role of AI in the health sector through visual analysis of organs, with robotic hands performing a surgery, assisted by doctors and supporting staff in an operation theatre — the LED screen will show vital signs, organs, and their status.

“The middle portion depicts the use of AI in logistics — how technology aids in the identification and segregation of parcels based on colour coding. Further, there is a self-delivery drone that will use AI to navigate and deliver parcels successfully. A giant robotic arm would be segregating and sorting the parcels while 2 drones attached to a transparent pole would move up and down,” he said.

The rear portion depicts the role of AI in Education through a larger-than-life statue of a teacher wearing a VR headset, conducting a class remotely through Virtual Reality.

The bottom portion will showcase the application of AI in monitoring cattle health through sensors. In addition, the role of AI in helping visually impaired persons in navigation will be shown. A cow sculpture with a belt around its neck would be showcased (with its health being monitored on the screen behind it). A model of a life-size lady with a walking stick wearing a sunglass with a camera attached to it will be shown with the background screen (moving landscape) indicating that she is walking while identifying obstacles, the official added.



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