Microsoft Edge Insiders in Dev channel can now personalise sidebar

January 24, 2023

San Francisco, Jan 24 (IANS) Tech giant Microsoft has rolled out a new update to Microsoft Edge Insiders in the Dev channel which will provide users the ability to personalise the top sites within the sidebar.

With Edge Dev 111.0.1619.2 update, the tech giant has brought new features such as, Edge will now alert users if an external program illegitimately changes their start page and search engine settings and will restore their previous settings, reports Windows Central.

The company has also added a search bar in the customisable sidebar to add sites.

Users can now import passwords CSV files and the tech giant has also added an option to hide duplicates in history.

On iOS, a new Ad blocker feature will now block ads with a long press.

The company has also fixed browser crash when removing apps from the sidebar and crash related to memory errors.

Moreover, the new update fixed browser crashes related to address bar search, visual search, find on page, image editor in the sidebar pane and PDF viewer crash related to highlighter, links and keyboard focus.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Microsoft had rolled out a new update to its Edge browser, which brings a small handful of updates and new features, including text prediction.

The text prediction feature provides predictions for long-form editable text fields on web pages.



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