Roblox rolls out in-experience subscriptions, but you can't buy them until Nov

San Francisco, Sep 20 (IANS) Gaming Platform Roblox on Wednesday rolled out the ability for creators to start creating and managing subscriptions, which they can sell in their experiences.

However, users will not be able to buy it for now as the company said it will not be available until November.

With this, eligible creators will now be able to create subscriptions in Creator Hub and implement them into experiences through a new set of APIs in Studio.

“We’re excited to announce that starting today, we are rolling out the ability for creators to start creating and managing subscriptions within their experience,” Roblox said in a blogpost.

“Users will not be able to purchase subscriptions until November. We’re giving you access to the tools first so that you have ample time to experiment and plan,” it added.

The gaming platform had announced in July that it was developing these tools, claiming that they would help developers “establish a recurring economic relationship with their users and potentially increase the predictability of their earning”, and the developers can now begin to plan out their offerings.

There are some restrictions on who can subscribe and for which experiences.

Developers’ accounts must be verified, and only experiences created in Roblox Studio before September 1 will be eligible for subscriptions. The company said that this is “meant to be a temporary requirement” and that subscriptions to all experiences will be available “in early 2024”.



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