T-Mek, Mario The Juggler most expensive retro gaming titles right now

February 18, 2024
Fighting arcade game T-Mek for the Mega 32X ranked the top most expensive retro gaming title at present,

New Delhi, Feb 18 (IANS) Fighting arcade game T-Mek for the Mega 32X ranked the top most expensive retro gaming title at present, with Mario The Juggler securing the second spot in the list, a new study has revealed. The study by gaming site 1337.Games examined the data from second-hand retailer CeX to see which retro titles could be traded for the highest amount in cash.

It found that T-Mek for the Mega 32X can be traded in for about $1,432 right now, the highest of any title, nearly $126 more than second place. It’s one of 40 games for the short-lived Mega 32X, released as an add-on for the Sega Genesis console.

The second game — Mario The Juggler for the Wide Screen Series of the Game & Watch being able to be traded in for up to $1310 presently.

“When it comes to collecting groups of games, a collection can not be fully complete until it features every game version, especially when collecting for individual consoles,” said Emre Aksu, a spokesperson from 1337.Games.

“However, this can be an expensive feat, as limited production runs of certain games and consoles have made some titles incredibly rare and valuable, as seen in this list,” he added.

Coming in joint third place is the Super NES version of Mega Man X2. The game was voted one of the best Super NES titles, and despite the popularity of the console and the game itself, a top-condition version can fetch up to $1,228 when traded in, according to the study.

Also coming in a joint third place is the Wide Screen Series version of Egg for the Game & Watch, fetching up to $1,228 in cash on trade-in. It’s one of five Game & Watch titles in the list and featured Mickey Mouse as a main character after Nintendo acquired a Disney license during production.

Coming in at fourth place on the list is DarXide, another Mega 32X game. This game was exclusively released in Europe and was one of the last games to come out for the short-lived 32X console. Due to its rarity, it now has a trade-in value of $1,146.


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