Tesla FSD beta update brings new visuals, impresses testers

San Francisco, May 22 (IANS) Electric vehicle company Tesla has released Full Self-Driving (FSD) 10.12.1 beta to its Early Access Programme that includes new visuals for open car doors and also displays turn signals on other cars.

According to TeslaNorth, Testers said FSD beta 10.12.1 was more “confident” and was improved over its previous version. Slow and steady improvements are making FSD better over time.

The new graphics and animations do make a difference as the vehicle now shows details like vehicles’ brake lights coming on in front of users or car doors being opened.

The system also handles showing bicyclists and pedestrians differently now too, and the system is better able to tell if a vehicle is parked or just in traffic, reports InsideEVs.

The big thing with this update seems to be the boost in confidence that Tesla has given it, as well as “reduced traffic control-related false slowdowns,” the report said.



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