Uber Eats now shows users which personal info couriers get

San Francisco, Jan 27 (IANS) Uber Eats is rolling out a new “View as Delivery Person” feature in the US and Canada, which will show users how much of their personal information a courier has access to during the delivery process.

According to the company’s head of privacy and equity product, Zach Singleton, the new feature is meant to “provide consumers with additional transparency and peace of mind”, reports The Verge.

The idea of the new feature is that the application will show users what information a delivery person has regarding them before they pick the food up, while making the delivery and after that.

Singleton also mentioned that the company received thousands of support tickets from users who are curious or have concerns about how much their driver knows about them.

He said that women were “53 per cent more likely to have a concern about the information that delivery people had when something uncomfortable has occurred”.

The page will also display more information about the kinds of information the delivery drivers do not have access to and the additional information they will receive in situations like alcohol deliveries where users must upload a photo of their ID to verify their age.

Users can access the new feature by navigating to the recent order page or Uber Eats’ privacy centre, the report said.



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