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Amit Antil: Even today I enjoy theatre and wish to do live shows

As March 27 is celebrated as World Theatre Day around the world, actor Amit Antil known for featuring in shows, like ‘Savdhaan India: India Fight Back’, ‘Kalash… Ek Vishwaas’ among others, remembers how being a theatre artist helped him to shape his acting career.

He says: “Before shooting for screen, I was into live performing in theatre. The stage help me to grow and polish my acting skills developing my personality. Even today I enjoy going to theatre and wish to do live shows. Before the evolution of the screen and films, people enjoyed drama as a source of entertainment.”

“Theatre is one among a medium to reflect our society and in various languages, it depicts culture, tradition which exist around the world. It is a day thus celebrated to preserve and promote dramas, which people enjoy even today.”

Amit, who started his career in entertainment industry after participating in reality TV show, ‘India’s Got Talent’ and will be next seen in upcoming Bollywood movies ‘Zufash’ and ‘Mujahid’ feels theatre helped him to learn the tricks to accomplish goals.

He adds: “I remember we use work together to meet rehearsal deadlines, master challenging scenes and develop a work of art in a limited timeframe. That is, we use teamwork to accomplish big goals. We also learn to set smaller goals for ourselves as individual performers.

“For instance, an artist might need to improve dance skills for one show, and work on delivering a moving monologue for another. Disappointing auditions are part of the process, but they motivate us to hone our skills and cultivate better goal-setting techniques.”

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