Drawing on 'Rocket Boys', Jim Sarbh says science has certain grey areas

Jim Sarbh feels that like all things on earth or beyond its realm, science has certain grey areas and it will continue to have them.

Actor Jim Sarbh, who is currently gearing up for the second season of the hit streaming series ‘Rocket Boys’, feels that like all things on earth or beyond its realm, science has certain grey areas and it will continue to have them. Well, he is not wrong given that science has always made humans its vehicle to deliver turnkey products that have wide ranging usage across the spectrum of the good and the bad.

If plastic has changed the lifestyle of people across the globe making packaging convenient and long lasting, it has also put the planet in serious trouble with the plastic disrupting marine life or entering the food chain.

The actor plays the character of India’s nuclear energy pioneer, Homi J. Bhabha in the series, the first season of which garnered immense appreciation from the audience and the critics alike.

Talking about the grey areas of science, he said, “I think Doctor Homi Bhabha puts it very well, specifically on the topic of nuclear physics. First, the electrification process is of course unspeakably good, there’re no two ways about it. Nuclear power has revolutionised the way the entire world uses energy.”

He went on to tap the other aspect of nuclear energy, the atomic bomb and the carnage that it could lead to.

He further mentioned as he let out one of the dialogues from the second season: “Now if we’re talking specifically about the bomb and how technology can also lead to violence, I think it is a grey area and will continue to remains so and I am not an expert to talk on it at length but, but I like how Homi Bhabha puts few things.

For instance, there is a dialogue in season 2 wherein he says: “Ghanto tak lecture sunane padenge about peace and harmony from the six most heavily armed countries in the world.”

Steering towards the geopolitics and power dynamics of the countries, who are at the helm of affairs when it comes to the monopoly of power, he said, “You just have to always wonder about why certain countries put out certain messages. It is always to protect their interests because they want to retain the monopoly of power and the Monopoly of power has been in imbalance since the imperial and colonial days. We are still recovering from those things or nowhere near to that.”

“The whole notion of terrorism worldwide is so hilarious, it’s so related to brown skinned people but when you look at it, the biggest of the terrorists are the ones who are sitting in the European countries or the western countries, who are controlling power across the globe. They just have very good PR programmes,” he concluded.

‘Rocket Boys 2’, which also stars Ishwak Singh in the role of India’s space programme pioneer Vikram Sarabhai, is set to drop on Sony LIV from March 16.

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