Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer: Jitendra Kumar is back as Jeetu Bhaiya as he says ‘Tayyari hi jeet’

June 11, 2024
Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer
Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer_pic courtesy YT

The trailer for the highly anticipated third season of Kota Factory was released by Netflix on Tuesday. Scheduled to premiere on June 20, Kota Factory season three promises to delve deeper into the tumultuous journey of students navigating their way through the pressures of academia, guided by their mentor, Jeetu Bhaiya.

The trailer begins with Jeetu Bhaiya in a podcast setting, discussing the importance of preparation for exams with the line, “Tayari hi jeet hai bhai,” emphasizing that preparation is victory.

The trailer showcases the intense efforts of the students as they prepare for their exams. We see them dealing with frustration, irritation, and emotional outbursts, highlighting the high-stakes environment of Kota’s competitive landscape.

Kota Factory is set in the ultra-competitive environment of Kota, Rajasthan, known for its coaching centers that prepare students for entrance exams. The show stands out due to its relatable portrayal of student life, the existential battles faced by the protagonist, and its unique blend of humor and drama.

Jitendra Kumar’s popular series Panchayat season three was released on May 28 and has received an overwhelming response from the audience, further highlighting the actor’s versatility and popularity.

Fans of Kota Factory are eagerly looking forward to the new season to see how the story unfolds and what challenges the characters will face next.

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