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RA.ONE: Chammak Challo and the trend of copycats in Hindi cinema

Copy cats in Hindi cinema flourish with impunity. RA.ONE's Chammak Challo has set the nation on fire and there are four different versions of the song in the film and each one of them has been rendered with finesse by Akon. It is difficult to discern that Akon, who has sung the song, does not know Hindi, but it is a fact. However, as it has been a tradition with the Hindi film industry, a successful song spawns illegal clones, so it has happened with RA.ONE's Chammak Challo as well. Akon may be fuming and even Shah Rukh Khan may not be amused by this blatant copying of his popular song, but it has been done in MILEY NAA MILEY HUM and it has been made into an item song, marking the debut of sultry and sexy Shweta Tiwari on to the silver screen, before she entered into the house of Big Boss.

The lyrics have been twisted to 'Kato gilhari Chammak Challo raani', whether it makes sense or not and it has been sung by Mamta Sharma of 'Munni badnam Hui' fame from DABANGG, ably supported by Daler Mehndi. 

Moot point is that the tradition of basking in reflected glory, instead of striving to create one's own space has been a problem with the Hindi film industry. Shekhar and Vishal who have given the music for 'Chammak Challo' in RA.ONE may not be amused by the attempt of Sajid- Wajid to copy their popular song, but it has happened. 

The first such attempt in the history of Hindi film industry of copying a song by two three music directors simultaneously was around the time HUM was released, and the song 'Jumma chumma de de', set to score by Laxmikant Pyarelal was copied as 'Tama Tamma loge' by Bappi Lahiri in THANEDAR. It is altogether a different matter that 'Jumma Chumma' in its own turn was copied from Mory Kent's famous song 'yeke yeke'

For the audience, it would now be a toss between a Kareena Kapoor and Shweta Tiwari to judge, who is a better Chammak Challo, as they have been given a choice to watch their performance on the screen and the reference point could be whether Shweta Tiwari is able to generate more oomph and glamour that Kareena Kapoor or Kareena would continue to dominate. In a clever juxtaposition, the settings between these two songs of RA.ONE and MILEY NA MILEY HUM have been contrasted, one set in the urban milieu while the other in a rural setting. 

Audience has now to decide who is a better Chammak Challo!

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