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What made Dabangg a super hit film?

Shah Rukh Khan may not see DABANGG but in heart of hearts he also would be hoping that his next film RA 1 attains the same success as DABANGG. As they say, it is very difficult to keep it simple, but if it is attained, then the success just kisses your feet and this is what has happened in DABANGG. 

How many of us have noticed that in DABANGG Salman Khan has conveyed the social message of administering the polio drops in his own imitable way without going to the country side talking about it.

Now when one is talking of simplicity, DABANGG is studded with such nuances, though Arbaaz Khan could have toned down his florescent attire, and it all started with the casual manner in which Salman Khan is shown roaming around in a lungi and a vest. When was the last time we had seen a hero in such attire? Was it a decade or more than a decade ago? A hero was also not shown drinking water from a Municipality tap as Salman did, and Lal bahadur of WELL DONE ABBA was shown in its entire spender. This is how most of the India still lives and carries out its affairs on a daily basis, and such signs of identity that it could find studded in DABANGG and could relate to it in a big way, is what has made DABANGG surpass even the records of 3 IDIOTS. 

There was some doubt whether DABANGG would be able to sustain the momentum in the second week, but a random look at the bookings through various ticket booking sides across the country revealed that DABANGG was a sellout indeed. When was the last time that audience clapped and danced in a multiplex, DABANGG made people shed their inhibitions, their stiff upper nose attitude and coaxed them to enjoy the occasion. 

It is a film which has telltale signs of where the average India has stopped still seeped into a time warp while the India living in the metropolitan cities and other big towns has moved ahead. Even in the song Munni Badnam Hui, the lines "Main cinema hall Hui", is affirmation of the role that cinema plays in the life of an average Indian.

One thing is for sure, DABANGG has revived the cinema whose underlining motif is the role of a hero in the film and how it overpowers everything else. May more such DABANGG bloom?

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