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Bollywood Item Songs of 2012

One of the singular trends for the year 2012 has been that the item songs emerged as chart-busters in all the charts and underlined the fact that indeed the item songs have more potential to catch the imagination of the public and therefore lots of attention is bestowed upon them to ensure that they become a roaring hit.

2012 was a particularly successful year for item songs as most of the item songs that were included in various films gained recognition and approval of the audience. These item songs were also in their own way responsible for bringing the audience into the cinema halls.

Here then is a re-look at those songs which made headlines in 2012:

Chikni Chameli from AGNEEPATH: Katrina Kaif set the tone for the item songs for the year 2012 by setting the imagination on fire with subtle hints of raw sexuality and raunchy and no wonder the song caught the imagination of the public.

Halkat Jawaani from HEROINE: Kareena Kapoor for a change did the item number herself in the film where she was the lead player and she did an accomplished job, again the lyrics had a subtle innuendo of titillation and temptation.

Fevicol Se from DABANGG 2: It would be interesting to watch whether the year-end would also be as tempting and as exciting as was the beginning with Chikni Chameli as now Kareena Kapoor has got a second opportunity within the year to give an opportunity to the audience to judge who can do an item number better, she or a Katrina Kaif? Fevicol Se hass already scaled the charts of popularity.

Aga Bai from AIYYAA: Rani Mukerji also impressed with her performance in this item number and the pulsating energy that she bought to this hot Marathi number also underlined the fact that given a chance Rani Mukerji can also set the screen on fire with display of ample assets as also covert sexuality.

Mala Jau de from FERRARI KI SAWAARI: Vidya Balan had shown that given a chance she can ooze sexuality into a performance in ISHQIYA and when she got an opportunity to display it in full galore, she did not flounder, but stooped to conquer and underlined that she also has ample sexuality and rawness to display on screen given a chance to do so.    

Anarkali Disco chali from HOUSEFULL 2: Malaika Arora serenading and rather enticing a Mithun Chakraborty and Boman Irani to unleash their latent urges, with Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Johny Lever etc., encouraging from the background, Anarkali Disco Chali also emerged as the super hit song.

Aa Re Pritam Pyaare from ROWDY RATHORE: A song which did not have a celebrity endorsement as the item performer, the song caught the imagination of the public on account of suggestive sexual invitations as enshrined in the lyrics itself, and with Mumaith Khan again bringing all the experience that she had displayed in MUNNABHAI MBBS indeed, she set the screen on fire, as also the television screens whenever the song is played owing to subtle suggestiveness about a sexual encounter in the offering.    

Kaafiraana from JOKER: Chitrangda Singh oozes raw sexuality as she has shown from the time she made her debut and with Farah Khan at the helm as the director, this was one of the rare positives from the film JOKER and could have been the catalysis for bringing the audience initially into the cinema halls. The dusky beauty amply displayed the sexual fire that she has, given a chance to unleash on the screen, and an encore in 2013 is the requiem.,

Hua Chokra Jawan Re from ISHAQZAADE: Gauhar Khan along with Arjun Kapoor in a scintillating and titillating item number with all the trappings of a rural ambience set the screen on fire with uninhibited moves from all the players in the song.

A recurring motif of all these item numbers is that they have been performed with lots of sexual energy, the subtle innuendos of the sexual kind, raw display of physical assets, and topping it all with a voice that has had an element of earthiness to it that creates or rather accentuates the sexual titillation on the screen. This after all is the job of the item number. One hopes that 2013 would also be as sexually captivating as 2012 has been.



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