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Burjkhalifa composer DJ Khushi connection with Shah Rukh Khan

Dj Khushi, who is currently being lauded for composing the Burjkhalifa song for the upcoming Akshay Kumar-starrer, Laxmii, has opened up on his journey so far, and how the tag of being the official deejay of superstar Shah Rukh Khan helped him carve a niche in the music industry.

“There was hardly any social media when I started deejaying. Getting a number of any celebrity was a huge task at that time. When I came to Bombay from Delhi, I used to sit at Bandstand for hours and used to look at SRK’s house and dream of working with him one day,” Khushi told IANS.

He recalls getting his “golden opportunity” during the making of “Ra.One”.

“He (SRK) was looking for a deejay for the remix of his song ‘Chammak challo’. I sent my entry through a friend of mine. SRK saw my work and picked my version for the remix of the track. That’s how my association with him started and then I continued working with him. He gave me the tag of his official deejay,” said Khushi.

“The tag of official deejay of SRK has helped me a lot. Working with him definitely worked in my favour. The tag helped me to build my image and get more work. It also helped me to make good connections in the industry. SRK plays a big role behind my success. I thank him for seeing talent in me and giving me good opportunities in life,” he added.

DJ Khushi, whose real name is Khushi Soni, hails from Delhi and has been in the profession for over 15 years. Interestingly, he never wanted to be a deejay.

“I never wanted to be a deejay. I wanted to go to America and settle there. I even got through at the University of Pittsburgh, but my Visa got rejected due to the 9/11 attacks,” he claimed.

“I went into depression and started going out for parties to overcome it. My parents were fed up of me coming home late at night from the parties. Then I thought why not become a deejay and get a legal permission to party. I did not want to study more, so I got into deejaying and started working as a deejay,” he added.

“I learnt everything on the field. It took time to grow and reach here. I did only a 20-hour course and it wasn’t enough to become a professional deejay. I made mistakes and learned from them. Life is the biggest teacher. There’s still a long way to go, but right now I am on the top of ‘Burjkhalifa’,” quipped DJ Khushi.

–ians, Simran Sethi

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