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Lexicon may not have a word POLICEGIRI amongst its entries, but for sure, once POLICEGIRI is released, sooner or later it may find a place in the lexicon. Going by the etymological derivation, one can deduce that POLICEGIRI would be an assertion of the right of the policemen to administer law and for Sanjay Dutt it would be a paradoxical situation that while he is serving a term behind the bars, here is his next film on offer which waxes in detail about the virtues of administering by the Police authorities, a sort of assertion of the rights of the policemen to govern by the rule of law.

POLICEGIRI as a matter of fact has shades of SINGHAM and DABANGG, a heady concoction of righteousness as also cockiness and deadpan humor in delivering the justice the Police way. POLICEGIRI seems to have blended the goods of DABANGG and SINGHAM to give Sanjay Dutt a character that would be remembered for quite a long time to come.

As a matter of fact every actor in the world of cinema, more so in the Indian context has been looking for that elusive opportunity to play the role of a cop, a righteous one at that, who through the content on the silver screen, gives a glimmer of hope to the common man to fight against the system that has become corrupt to the core. It was Big B who had created this template, ably backed by the superb narrative penned by Salim-Javed and Big B experimented with this template quite successfully at different points of time in his career, and kept on resurrecting himself or rather reinventing his performance. Those who followed him followed suit in enacting the role of a uniformed cop and basked in the glory of the rule of law at the box office.

Sanjay Dutt also seemed to be inspired by the sense of righteousness and justness that the khaki dress connotes so he had taken extra time from the Supreme Court to complete the shooting and dubbing for POLICEGIRI. One only hopes that for the sake of Sanjay Dutt as a performer who has entertained the audience for quite a long time, POLICEGIRI would be a gentle reminder about his thriving and pulsating existence in the world of Hindi cinema.

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