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LOVEYATRI: Uff, these spelling changes and numerology!

A popular astro-numerologist – Sanjay B Jumaani has the following observation about the change in the title of Salman Khan Films’ upcoming release LOVEYATRI – A JOURNEY OF LOVE. Read on to see if it favourable or otherwise!

'LoveYatri > 'LoveRatri'!

Here's a suggestion to the most straightforward Celeb I've ever met- Salman Khan! For starters, Salman Khan is a Number '9' whose destiny Number is '6'. Besides that, his name adds to '3'.

3-6-9 is a family of numbers best suited to people born on dates adding to 3, 6 & 9! Hence Salman falls under the radar of luck.

As a Producer, Salman Khan’s upcoming project, LOVERATRI has faced enough trials & tribulations before even acing its locus. It's the influence of Number '4' that has cast a negative shadow on the film.

Numerically, LOVERATRI adds to '31' which is an ominous form of '4'. It is not a fortunate number from the worldly or material standpoint. There exists a lack of 'Hardwork-Reward Proportion' with people or entities concerned with this number. It even represents isolation from its destiny. Therefore, I'd like to believe that '4' is responsible for the ongoing mishaps the film has been facing.

Nevertheless, it is now reworked and spelled as LOVEYATRI, which adds to '30', which is better than its old title. Notwithstanding its qualities, '30' is not one of the best forms of Number '3' though. It represents neither fortune nor misfortune, for either depends on the mental outlook of the person/entity it represents. It can be all-powerful, but it is just as often indifferent according to the will or desire of the person/Project.

For instance, BODYGUARD added to '30' and it did extremely well for its potential. LOVEYATRI could lay on either sides of the coin. Hence, I'd recommend an extra 'L' making it 'LloveYatri' which would then add to '33' (Salman Khan's Lucky Number '6').

In fact, protagonist, Aayush Sharma's name adds to a readymade '33'. And if Wikipedia is to be believed, 26th October, 1985 born Aayush happens to be in his 33rd Year (6- Venus, Planet of Entertainment). Numbers '1, 3, 5 & 6' are best for people born on dates summing up to '8'.

The same was suggested to Blockbuster, PADMAAVAT where we recommended 'Padmavatt' (33) but the creative team preferred our 2nd option, PADMAAVAT, which added to 30, like LOVEYATRI. We even suggested Mr. Bhansali to release it on the 24th (6). As suggested, it was pre-released on the 24th, on a Wednesday! (Well how many movies do you notice releasing on a Wednesday?)

Bottom line- Good news for Sallu is that LOVEYATRI adds up to a better Number than LOVERATRI though Salman Khan failed to ‘Race’ off in his 53rd (8, Saturn) Year yet!

So, this is what the Astro-Numerologist has to say, we just had a query for Mr. Jumaani… Does the extension of the film’s title, in this case, A Journey of Love, make any difference to the outcome too. For us, the audience it’s a wait and watch.

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