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We wish our school was Rosewood high!

Alt Balaji is churning good content with each passing day and there are so many shows, that the makers have streamed on their Alt Balaji app. The app’s earlier shows have got us hooked like never before; some of the best shows on the app are HOME, THE DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY, KEHNE KO HUMSAFAR HAI, HAQ SE and many more.

The makers have kept the content balanced and mixed catering to all age groups.

Recently lost boy productions and Ekta Kapoor’s new web show Puncch Beat  trailer created a rage among fans.

Premiere on 14 February Puncch Beat is the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for those who want to relive their school days. Starring Priyank Sharma, Siddharth Sharma, Harshita Gaur and Khushi Joshi in the lead roles, the 14-episode series is an indian version of high school musical and web version of student of the year.

The show is a high school drama which showcases boxing as the prime sport and entertainment for the collage goers.

From short skirts to musical drama and bare body shots the show is massy with powerful actors.

Not only the show shows boxing competition but also a drama developing around it.

With newbies as Ekta and Vikas has the most drool worthy star cast in the show there are many senior stars as well which are delight to see like Sameer Soni, Rushad Rana, Niki walai.

What’s the plot?
The series begins with the visual of a blood-laden boxing ring, and a girl running, as her ghungroo beads are scattered.

There comes Niki Walai who takes Rahat to Rosewood High.

Rahat,is an orphan, is set to join Rosewood High School mid-term thanks to his mother’s best friend (Niki Walia), who is also the principal. While not much has been revealed about his past, Rahat was thrown out of his previous school for bashing up a fellow student. On the other hand, Dinky and her sister join the school on the recommendation of their aunt Miss Bose (Bose Di Ki, nicknamed by the girls), who is also a teacher at Rosewood High.

The other leads Ranbir (Siddharth) and Padmini (Khushi) are introduced as they try to moral police another student with their gang of friends. And there comes steamy shirtless scenes.

The group, all children of school trustees, are clearly the spoilt ones but with hearts of gold. 

There is ragging, nude shot and many things in the first episode.

Well if this wasn’t enough, there is certain niceness to everyone in the show as the gang of frineds sponsor three kids’ education and call it the ‘Sunny Leone project’, since the kids are named Sunny, Leo and One.

Then comes the most celebrated event in the school a boxing championship. That also becomes the revelation point in the story. Enter ex-student and Olympian Rajbir Chaudhary ( Sameer Soni) who is also Ranbir’s father. He detests Rahat for giving a close fight to his son, only to find out that Rahat is his illegitimate son.

These are the few predictable parts in the story. With both heroes being step-brothers, it’s going to be a war ahead for them. They both already seem to have a fondness for Dinky, and the love triangle has added drama and love angle in the story.

As the show moves ahead we see loads of twists and turns and ups and down. Certain scenes remind us of high school musical, main hoon na and student of the year.

Coming to performances, Siddharth Sharma shines as Ranbir. The actor is charming and manages to portray a tough sportsman in the ring. Priyank Sharma who is the heartthrob of many looks convincing as the brooding Rahat while Harshita looks sweet and plays an important role.

Seasoned actor Niki Walia outperforms the youngsters every time she is on screen. Samir Soni’s role is pretty unconventional as you haven’t seen him in that role ever. Negative and grey. Rushad Rana as a coach outshines everyone and gives us chak de india feels.

Puncch Beat has high production value and looks no less than a movie. While it’s being compared to Student of the Year for the location and costume, it also has doses of other past films, from Main Hoon Naa’s terrace scene, Mohabbatein’s assembly or the reference of Harry Potter when it comes to names of the boxing teams.

The location and view and the entire set up is grand and you can witness the beauty of Dehradun.

Final verdict!
It’s a well made show, eye catchy, larger than life and the actors nail it with their performance. Watch it and enjoy!

Ruchita M
Ruchita M
Ruchita Mishra is/was one of the contributors / member of the editorial team involved in authoring original and curating editorial content from the various sources like news agencies, PR agencies, direct interaction, etc. He/She can be reached on
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