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What is Rannvijay’s go to mental exercise

Rannvijay and Hobby, if we put these two words together, the first thought that would cross most of our minds would be “The Gym”. But the lesser-known fact about this handsome hunk is that he has an altogether different hobby. India’s first roadie likes to play card games and this love is no less than his love for working out. Rannvijay plays all sorts of card games whenever he gets the time and among all combinations of card games, his favorite is Poker.

The actor plays online Poker whenever he gets a chance on The Spartan Poker. While talking about his love for poker and The Spartan Poker’s Diwali campaign #DontBurnEarnCash, Rannvijay said, “I believe that through this hobby is not physically very challenging but mentally, it is equivalent to 2 hours of working out in the gym. I try indulging in this activity to get my daily dose of mental exercise. And this Diwali, I will get more than double of my usual mental workout as I will play my heart out during The Spartan Poker’s #DontBurnEarnCash Diwali campaign, where people can play this exciting game of poker and win BIG this festive season!”

Adding to this, he said, “I have learned to play recently but it is incomparable to any other multi-adventurous activity that I have ever done. Playing poker has taught me/sharpened my abilities to be patient, to plan for the future and also read people. It’s an eye-opener as it teaches you about yourself and the people around you.”

Well, well, Rannvijay, you never cease to amaze us and following his lead, we too would like to play a hand or two, just to see how mentally challenging can it be?

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