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TUBELIGHT: Kabir Khan refutes Akshay as first choice for Salman’s brother

Earlier reports of how Akshay Kumar was the first choice of Kabir Khan for Salman’s brother’s role in TUBELIGHT were doing the rounds.

In fact the director was even quoted saying in DNA that Akshay Kumar was one of the actors whom he thought of casting in Sohail’s place.


However in a recent interview on being asked about Akshay being his first choice, the director clearly denied, “Nahi Akshay ka naam pata nahi kahan se aaya. We never reached the point of actually discussing names. But we definitely discussed the possibility of casting other actors and then there is a great advantage that Sohail is bringing to the film is that it helps me to make the screen play faster. With any other actor I would have to re-write 4-5 scenes in establishing the love between the brothers but with Sohail and Salman you do one shot and you are through and you can proceed from there.”

We wonder whether or not Kabir had actually mentioned Akshay Kumar’s name in the interview given to DNA. But today he clearly stated that he never mentioned Akshay Kumar’s name.

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