Vidyut Jammwal does what he should not!

Action star Vidyut Jammwal never fails to thrill audiences with his daredevil stunts. The 'Crakk' actor was seen performing stunts on atop a train

An actor goes all out when his film is just around the corner. Vidyut Jammwal produced and headlined ‘Crakk’ is a film that Vidyut is now going all out promoting. Vidyut released a video of him climbing up a train roof, running atop the roof and coming down the other side! What is the need to show your dare devilry out in the open when you as a responsible human being know very well that youngsters ape film stars.

Vidyut does not stop at just uploading the video, he captions the same writing that, “I am a trained kalaripayattu martial artist and by profession – an action stuntman. I am blessed and fortunate to live my dream of pushing the boundaries of my skills and entertaining all action aficionados with the stunts I perform.”

Dear Vidyut when you accept and proclaim that you are trained and are a professional, it is all the more senseless to display your skills to the untrained and sort of inspire and challenge them. Apparently Vidyut Jammwal never fails to thrill audiences with his daredevil stunts onscreen.

The ‘Crakk’ hero goes on to say, “But my inspiration comes from watching videos intently of people hanging on a square inch in a train to work, a family of 4 balancing on a two-wheeler on crowded roads, and people of all age groups running to catch a bus. All this, without any training or safety harnesses. All self-taught, each one a daredevil. And this, almost every day without giving it much thought. This is the true definition of Crakk.”

Vidyut Bhai, this is not the true definition of ‘Crakk’! What you have mentioned as your justification and inspiration is the risk that people take out of necessity of various types and proportions. It is not what they do as their skill but to fulfil their duties to earn their livelihood, etc. Most of those who do it for fun or ape artists like you at times face fatal accidents.

He also goes on to validate it by saying, “I dedicate my song / film to everyone who is driven by passion, motivation, and determination to face this every single day.#YOUinspireME Crakk – The Run! The first game that will make you experience real-life stunts.”TO BE TRIED AT HOME…”

You are dedicating an act that every sensible soul discourages and I’m sure as a good samaritan you might be discouraging too, then why do the unwanted just to draw attention to your film, which even if a handful of people try to imitate could point a finger at you.

Hope your film ‘Crakk’ gets as many people to the theatre as the people travelling by these trains. Wish you all other luck.

Crakk- Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa, produced by Vidyut Jammwal & Action Hero Films, and is written & directed by Aditya Datt is set to hit theatres on 23rd February 2024.

Nitin Jain
Nitin Jain
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