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“Acting touches nerves you have no control over,” says Aatash Amir

"Acting touches nerves you have no control over," says Aatash Amir better known for his performance in 'Deadpool' and the TV series 'Arrow'.

When performing in school play young Aatash had considered that to give him an adrenaline rush. That rush made him go up lengths up to which now when Aatash has given such stupefying performance in ‘Deadpool’ and the TV series ‘Arrow’. While auditioning for ‘Deadpool’ Aatash was selected in an instant and he justified that role by giving stellar performance.

‘Arrow’ too was one such area where Aatash was seen in his Prime. Aatash also likes such challenging roles where he dons the expertise of a character that is beyond his dexterity and with his cleverness and fellow ship he likes that adrenaline that drives him towards perfecting his character. In his free time Aatash is seen sharpening his skills and also making peace with him self.

Last time when Aatash was interviewed, he had proved his adroit defiance with his retorts. The questions thrown at him was tackled by this fledgling chap and also had every one in awes. He is a very hard working guy who is such down-to-earth that he even gives time from his schedule to reply to his buffs.

Aatash is hardly seen denying any role that is thrown in his way and is one of the cool personalities in recent times.

By the end of this year Aatash will sign up a couple more film projects and those will be released by the middle of next year.

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