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Gul Panag: Bringing ‘myself’ to my on-screen character is interesting

In recent times, actress Gul Panag has played some characters on screen that are completely different from who she is in real life. The actress says through her performances, she always tries to bring a part of her own self to her on screen characters as well, because blurring the line is fun.

In the upcoming web film ‘420 IPC’, Gul plays the character of a housewife whose husband becomes a victim of a scam.

This is not the first time the actress is playing a housewife. Earlier she was seen playing a housewife ‘Renu Chaudhary’ from a village in the web series ‘Pataal Lok’.

Being a former beauty queen, who is also a biker, a pilot, a politician and a fitness enthusiast, at the beginning of her career Gul used to get characters of urban cool girls in most of her films.

Asked if she changed her strategy or casting directors have started looking at her differently to offer a variety of roles in recent times, Gul opened up in conversation with IANS.

She said: “I think each character has two parts, one that is visualised by the writer and director; another in which the actors infuse something from themselves, in their own interpretation and perform that. When it comes to playing a housewife, I believe every character has its own strength and how you bring that strength out on-screen through your performance, depends on you as an actor. It is the craft of an actor to add the layer to a character, otherwise, the character becomes so flat. For me, bringing a part of me into the character is how I make it interesting.”

In ‘420 IPC’, which also features Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey, Gul plays the character of Puja Kiswani, a Chartered Accountant.

Sharing more insight, Gul said, “On the surface, she is a simple housewife but she is not what she projects herself to the outer world and there comes the plot twist. It is a thriller so I cannot reveal the twist but when her husband becomes the victim of a scam, she goes to any extent to save her husband. When she shows who she really is, it changes the whole narrative. So it is quite interesting as a character.”

Directer by Manish Gupta, ‘420 IPC’ releases on December 17 on ZEE5.

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