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Bigg Boss 11: Synopsis Day 39 – No Judgment in Bigg Boss Court!

Accusations and allegations reign high in the Bigg Boss court as Lawyer Vikas Gupta starts the trial by laying blame on the defending lawyer, Hina Khan. Raking up the past, Vikas claims that Hina is ‘The biggest vamp in the Bigg Boss House.’ He goes on to prove that with the incident in Week 1 when Arshi had requested support from Hina and was given a cold shoulder which then led to complications in the house.

Barely able to digest the allegation, Hina tries to clear her name by explaining her side of the story, but Arshi stands up for herself and calls out Hina’s game. From thereon, tear ducts work overtime as Hina walks away from the court, crying.

On the other hand, the judges do not seem to agree with each other on the allegations put forth by either of the lawyers and get into an argument of their own. Given Bandagi’s affinity towards Puneesh, she sides with his team and Vikas’ arguments; whereas Sapna is in agreement with Hina. Sapna then goes on to include Puneesh in the argument, which irks Bandagi. Puneesh then loses his temper and gets into a verbal spat with Sapna; to the point that Vikas and team have to intervene and stop the fight.

Clearly, the two judges cannot arrive at a judgment. Wonder what happens to the luxury budget?!

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