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Futuristically Fantastic – Bigg Boss 14 house is an avant-garde art spectacle

The future is here, and the Bigg Boss house is ready to pave the way for everything that the future holds for us. Once again, master designer Omung Kumar has spun his magic to create a house that is a first of its kind, modern, cutting-edge technologically advanced, and futuristic but still has the warmth of a home.

The unlock has brought in some relief and everyone is hoping for a brighter, better tomorrow. With the central theme ‘Bigg Boss dega 2020 ko jawaab’, the house this season has been carefully designed highlighting aesthetics that are ultramodern and gives an insight into a more entertaining tomorrow. The house is laced with many elements that are sharp, metallic, offbeat giving the house a dystopian feel. You will no longer have a major missing for all the luxuries from the pandemic era as the Bigg Boss house will have a theatre, spa, dining area, and shopping mall. Bigg Boss 14 new season will premiere on Saturday, 3rd October 2020 at 9:00 PM on COLORS.

A peek into the future

Bigg Boss House Entrance
Bigg Boss house entrance

The entrance of the Bigg Boss house will have the most feared Bigg Boss eye that will open a new world for the housemates. It symbolizes the power of the Boss and how nothing goes unnoticed once the contestants are locked inside. Two huge metallic dogs’ motifs will give the house an out of the world feel.

A pool of entangled emotions

Enterance Of Bigg Boss 14 House
Enterance of Bigg Boss 14 house

The outdoor pool area has often been a place that makes or breaks relationships. The wall that overlooks the eye-shaped pool is designed like a web keeping in mind the complicated relationships that will unfold as time goes by.

Metallically yours

Living Room Of Bigg Boss 14 House (2)
Living room of Bigg Boss 14 house

The seating of the living is where the contestants sit and fasten their seatbelts as they get instructions from the Bigg Boss will have all things metallic. An outstretched silver sofa has been created for the contestants to plonk themselves for the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and be greeted host par excellence Salman Khan. An out of space look has been given to the area with a focus on inexplicable face art. The floor area is also carpeted with eye elements giving the are a more edgy feel.

Contestants, that eat together, stay together?

Dinner Are Of Bigg Boss 14 House
Dinner are of Bigg Boss 14 house

We all have missed out on the outdoor dining experience this lockdown, but the Bigg Boss contestants are going to be the privileged ones. The huge dining table will be replaced by diner-style seating with designated tables and chairs. The kitchen counter has been converted into a console with bar stools. The area has been accentuated by a lot of pop art elements leading into to the storeroom door. Open shelves, bright colors, and a long spiral platform makes the kitchen a refreshing zone. A place where thousands of stories brew has a unique touch that adds a lot of warm and relaxing vibes.

Sleeper cell

Sleeper Cell In Bigg Boss 14 House
Sleeper cell in Bigg Boss 14 house

Sleep and forget your worries. Well, the bedroom has often been a safe zone for the contestants. This time, the room has beds with different colors that highlight the ambiance and bring it to life. An acrylic colorful gate welcomes the contestants to the most colorful area of the house. A huge metallic eye is put up on a wall that overlooks the beds. Glass tables along the beds will be used to put their personal belongings. A huge colorful sofa has been built in the middle of the room so that conversations keep brewing even after the lights go out.

Underwater themed bathroom

Bathroom Area For Bigg Boss 14 House
Bathroom area for Bigg Boss 14 house

A unique, brilliantly decorated area, the bathroom has an underwater theme that is walled with shades of sea green. Robotic arms and legs act as props that amplify the center and showcases how water blends into the universe. Bamboo seating will allow gossip and hush-hush conversations to take place. The entrance to the bathroom is lit up with bright red lighting that creates a modernistic design.

Luxuries outside, privileges inside

Dinning Area Of Bigg Boss 14 House
Dinning area of Bigg Boss 14 house

For the first time, the Bigg Boss house will have a sprawling dining area that will give you an experience of an eatery that you so dearly missed. A spaceship theatre where the drama will create a great atmosphere for a movie viewing experience. While the house is full of challenges, the contestants will get some time to relax and rejuvenate at the in-house spa. If spa therapy is not enough, the inmates can also indulge in shopping therapy by visiting the mall. These elements are sure to remind the contestants of normal times.

Confessions as hot as the molten lava

Confession Room Area Of Bigg Boss 14 House
Confession room area of Bigg Boss 14 house

The entrance to the confession room will transport the contestants out of space. A diamond shape zone with two horse faces on the top amplifies the entire zone that will lead the way to the most important room area of the house- the confession room. One of the most dramatic spaces of the house has been crafted keeping in mind the nature of its existence and the volatility of emotions. A dominating cracked egg-shaped seating is colorful and mysterious with overflowing sparkly upholstery.

Elaborating on the house, art director Omung Kumar said, “Two and a half months back when I and Vanita Omung Kumar, Production Designer started visualizing the design of the house, we ideated on the theme of the show and we agreed on keeping it futuristic as we all were looking at moving ahead from the current scenario. We also made sure to make available all the things that people missed during lockdown for our contestants. Hence, there is a mall, a movie theatre, and a spa. The futuristic theme also lends us a chance to enhance a lot of design qualities in the house. There is a mix of funky bright colors and metallic hues blended in a way that stands out. We have several elements like giant metallic dogs guarding the house. The automatic entrance is in the shape of an eye. There are also no straight lines, and we have used a lot of curves on each surface. Right from the entrance to different zones in the house, to the dining area, the sleeping area, and even the confession room; each part of the house area is unique and explores our theme in a better way. Each element in the house lends itself to a lot of conversations, a lot of gossips as well along with making sure that the tasks can be incorporated in the space.”

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