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Eijaz Khan celebrates his birthday in the lap of nature!

Birthday celebrations are in the air for Eijaz Khan.

Birthday celebrations are in the air for Eijaz Khan. The actor, who turns a year older on August 28 i.e, is happy to be 46. “I  turned 46 today…Wow! Turning 40 was a milestone, and now I am on the other side of 45, I should be older and wiser.

But, I think I am going in the opposite direction,” he laughs before adding, “ Pavitra (Punia; girlfriend, actor and entrepreneur) had a surprise planned for me. We are in Coorg in the natural surroundings. I love to connect with nature.” 

Eijaz is not too hot on birthdays, rather he get very uncomfortable with all the attention that comes with it.  “As in ‘Ohhh today is birthday’ I have to do something special, I have to stand out, I have to do something outstanding etc… When I am compelled to do something it kind of puts me off, if things happen naturally I like it more. This is the first birthday that I will be spending with Pavitra, so I am looking forward to it.

I don’t know, maybe we will be travelling, we may go to a forest reserve or we can go camping, things have opened up. I generally take bike rides on my birthdays and have gone for many solo trips with my friends. This time I still don’t know what I am doing,” says the Bigg Boss 14 contestant.

Looking back, his fondest birthday memories from childhood include this one incident that revolves around photo camera and photo studios, both these things in earlier days were quite expensive. “I remember we used to visit a photo studio before the birthday party so that we have a photo clicked on the occasion. A lot of powder used be put on my face and they made me stand in front of the camera and take a picture. It was fun. We would get new clothes during birthdays and I used to be very excited about that gift. I remember one time I got Power sports shoes and it was a huge deal back then,” he adds.

So has the meaning of birthday changed post 40? “As much as we say age is just a number, I think when you get older, you sort of tell yourself to pause, reflect, figure out what is the real meaning of life and pursue the same that because I think we are done with the mistakes that we did when we are younger, we are done with figuring ourselves now know our shortcoming, and our positives too. I now think of making everyday matters, and taking more risks.

I think these are the things that have changed for me,” says the actor, known for TV shows, Kahiin To Hoga, KKusum, Kkavyanjali, Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa, and films, Tanu Weds Manu, Zilla Ghaziabad, Tanu Weds Manu Returns.
There is a saying life begins at 40. “I think stagnation comes when we become a little more sensible.

Having said that I keep making mistakes, I am still learning. I will always be a student. I am still on the move,” he signs off.

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