Manmeet Grewal suicide: Nia Sharma, Vijayendra Kumeria request producers to clear the dues of actors

Nia Sharma shared the news of Manmeet Grewal suicide on Instagram and Vijayendra Kumeria too commented on her post for the disturbing news

Television actor Manmeet Grewal’s suicide has shaken the entire industry. Manmeet, who was seen in Aadat Se Majboor, committed suicide in his Navi Mumbai residence on May 16 over non-payment of dues.

Nia Sharma has come forward and talked about the recent news which is very disturbing.

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Nia Sharma shared this news on Instagram and captioned, “Not that I knew him, but the news about his suicide owing to his financial crisis is disturbing! (Needless to mention Migrants’ plight in the news everyday)

Now, was he the only one going through it? No! Every living being is.

I know many of my friends(Actors) that haven’t been paid since last year or more with rents and EMIs mounting, work this year clearly being halted indefinitely, everyone’s losing patience somewhere.

I know, Producers have bigger risks and problems to deal with .. no clarity on the industry resuming Work any soon ,but still keeping up with the salaries of their huge staff , I totally respect that! Infact would thank them for generating thousands of jobs for us through the years, I could make a better life here.

On that note, I’d just like to make a humble request on behalf of my fellow actors/ friends, other daily wagers that their dues be paid asap especially at a time when they need it the most so that we’re not waking up to more such Suicide Stories a few days or a month later!! I wish to be financially so strong one day that I myself could help people around. I rest my note.

Check out Nia Sharma’s request to producers below:

Vijayendra Kumeria her co-actor from Naagin 4 also shared his concern on Nia’s post and commented, “@niasharma90 respect you for posting this🤗🤗🤗… its so bloody true… actors and technicians are not getting paid their hard earned money for projects they did even much before the ‘pre-covid’ times… it’s shameful that some producers are using Corona and lockdown as an excuse for non-payment.. its really sad to hear such news..about people ending their lives due to financial crisis… just hope that we don’t get such terrible news more often in the near future.

Vijayendra Kumeria
Manmeet grewal suicide: nia sharma, vijayendra kumeria request producers to clear the dues of actors

On the work front, Nia Sharma’s role in Naagin 4 is highly appreciated by her fans. The show has received many positive reviews since it began. Her chemistry with Vijayendra Kumeria is also loved by the audiences.

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