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Paro from ‘Devdas’ is Srishti Singh’s inspiration for her role in ‘Chashni’

Srishti Singh, who is making her acting debut with the new show 'Chashni'

Srishti Singh, who is making her acting debut with the new show ‘Chashni’ also featuring actress Amandeep Sidhu, shared that she draws inspiration from Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai’s character Paro from ‘Devdas’ for her role of Roshni in the fictional drama.

‘Chashni’ is a story of two sisters who later turned out to become mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Amandeep Sidhu essays the role of Chandni, who is a firefighter, while Roshni is her younger sister, essayed by Srishti. Due to certain circumstances, Roshni becomes the mother-in-law of the elder one, Chandni.

Srishti shared: “‘Chashni’ is a twisted tale of two sisters Chandni and Roshni who, due to an incident, turn saas and bahu. It is a challenging role to play. In my very first show, I am getting a chance to play a mother-in-law, it is a different and challenging experience.”

The actress added that she tried to follow the way Aishwarya portrayed Paro in ‘Devdas’. From the way she delivers dialogue to her mannerism, Srishti moulded her character in a similar way.

“Aishwarya Rai’s character Paro from ‘Devdas’ is my inspiration for my character Roshni who plays the role of a Saas. I aim to mould my character of the saas in the shape, etiquette, and mannerisms, of the way Aishwarya has depicted herself in the film. I admire the way Paro has become a household name and I hope I receive the same amount of appreciation and love from the audience for Roshni,” she concluded.

‘Chashni’ will be airing from March 9 on Star Plus.

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